Nuts & bolts come loose.

Welcome to the next generation of aviation fasteners.The only patented locking system for nuts & bolts certified by the FAA, the True-Lock fastener can significantly increase the safety and reliability factor on your aircraft. Developed in 1993 for military use, the True-Lock system has expanded its uses as the only active patented locking system for nuts and bolts, certified by the FAA..

  • FAA Certification on over 1500 aircraft
  • Significantly increases safety and reliability
  • Reuseable & cost effective
  • Maintenance Free! - requires no cotter pins nor safety wire



King Air Fire Detector Shield Download FAA PMA details

APV-GA-1 Installation Instructions True-Lock Axle Nut System

APV-GA-2 InstallationInstructions Stub Axle Assembly For Use With Whjeel Fairings

Twin Cessna Spindle Nut Deficiency
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ViBRATION MITIGATION Jim Barker specializes in extensive vibration mitigation overhaul. His expertise and broad knowledge of aviation and vibration harmonics has made him a leader in this field. Jim insists on some of the highest quality FAA STC aircraft parts, including True-Lock technology. True-Lock is recognized as the standard in the aviation industry in the fight aganst vibration deterioration. .

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FAA Form 337
Major Repair & Alteration of Airframe, Powerplant, Propeller or Appliance
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